Art High Schools in California

Although art high schools in California are among the best in the country, making the decision to enroll your child in an art-based high school is a big decision. There are a number of pros and cons when it comes to art high schools, but in the end, you must simply make the right choice for your child's future. Luckily, if you decide to go this route, there are plenty of top-notch art high schools in California to choose from.


What California Art High School Is Right For You?

Art High Schools In CaliforniaThe first important thing to consider is the exact type of art school you need. Some art high schools in California focus solely on performing arts, others are geared toward painting and sculpture, and of course, there are many excellent high schools for musically gifted students.

Choosing among the dizzying array of art high schools in California involves careful consideration of the student's abilities, needs, and long-term goals. Once you have an idea of what type of art school to look for, it is important to become aware of the benefits and drawbacks of art schools.

Benefits Of Attending Art High Schools In California

Students who attend art high schools in California are privy to a number of benefits. First of all, most art high schools will be private institutions, meaning that they will operate under a degree of autonomy and can therefore choose their own curriculum. This is convenient because it allows the aspiring artists to focus on exactly what they are interested in. Furthermore, graduates are much more likely to gain admission to a secondary art school or art-based college or university. Obviously, if advanced education is in your child's future, this is a huge selling point.

Drawbacks Of Attending Art High Schools In California

Although art high schools in California each have their own long list of benefits, in general, there are some drawbacks as well. Many art schools, while offering extensive and broad art-based curricula, will be lacking in other core disciplines and elective courses.

Obviously, it is important to receive a well-rounded education and to have as many options as possible; some art high schools in California may not be conducive to this.

Additionally, because art schools' extracurricular activities typically focus on performing, more traditional activities such as sports may be absent from many schools. Needless to say, this can be a major deterrent if a student is interested in both the arts and athletics.

California Art High Schools Admission Process

It also important to remember that art high schools in California typically have competitive admissions processes. Because they are private and talent-based, some schools may, in effect, require an audition from prospective students. This could include a personal interview, performance, or portfolio presentation. Furthermore, although there is a significant number of art schools in California, they are not nearly as common as traditional schools, and you may have to drive some distance each day to transport your child.

Most of California's top art schools are located in Los Angeles and San Francisco, which could cause a considerable commute for some students. Of course, this is yet another cost in addition to the private tuition of art high schools.

Under the right circumstances, attending an art high school in California can provide an incredibly enriching and beneficial experience for many students. These schools are excellent at expanding budding artists' abilities, and are a perfect platform for acceptance into prestigious and competitive secondary art schools and universities.

Whatever you choose, it is hard to go wrong with art high schools in California. The state is the nation's leader in entertainment and performance art, and their educational prowess in these arenas is unmatched.

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