Art Schools in Los Angeles

California is home to the world’s largest entertainment, fashion, and art industry, so it should come as no surprise that there is an immense variety of art schools in Los Angeles. Choosing to attend an accredited art school is an important step in your path toward becoming a professional artist. Many of these institutions offer degree and certificate programs in nearly every field imaginable, whether it be Fine Arts, Film, Graphic Design, Photography, or Fashion. Indeed, there is little argument that California is home to some of the world’s finest art programs, and the many art schools in Los Angeles headline the impressive list of institutions to choose from.

Tips For Choosing A Los Angeles Art School

Art Schools in Los AngelesIf you are considering a formal education in the arts, you should first consider a few of the dozens of art schools in Los Angeles. Choosing the right school is dependent on a number of factors. First and foremost, you must decide which field of art you hope to study. Although art institutions typically offer a broad range of programs, some have more prestigious programs than others. Furthermore, it is important to consider the types of resources available to students at a certain art school. This can include studios, project resources, and above all, career placement services. There are more than enough high quality art schools in Los Angeles which can satisfy almost every aspiring artists’ educational goals.

What are the Best Art Schools in Los Angeles?

Art Institutes - The Art Institutes is a group of private art schools with locations across the United States and Canada. Although the Art Institutes maintains more than 40 campuses nationwide, their art schools in Los Angeles are among the nation’s finest. This respected institution offers degree programs in nearly every field of art. AI operates three art schools in Los Angeles, including locations in Hollywood and Orange County.

Interior Designers Institute - Located in Newport Beach, the Interior Designers Institute is one of the most unique art schools in Los Angeles. As the name implies, the school specializes in training budding interior designers, a program which is not readily available at many other art schools in Los Angeles. The Interior Designer’s Institute offers certificate, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree programs, and provides excellent career placement services, as well.

Brooks Institute - Founded in 1945, the Brooks Institute is one of the oldest and most respected art schools in Los Angeles. Brooks offers bachelor’s degrees in eight different programs, with each including general education coursework such as business and science. The Brooks Institute has particularly strong programs in photography, film, and photojournalism.

There are many more excellent art schools in California to choose from, and making a decision simply boils down to your personal preferences, as well as your academic and career goals.

When considering art schools in Los Angeles, it is a good idea to visit the campuses you are interested in. If possible, arrange to meet with academic advisors. At most Lost Angeles art schools, these advisors can answer questions on coursework, campus life, and career prospects. Most schools also have staff members who can discuss cost of attendance with you and assist you in creating a plan for financing your education.

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