Art Therapy Schools In California

Art therapy is a unique branch of the art world which is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many excellent art therapy schools in California. Art therapy can be loosely described as the process of creating art for the purposes of contributing to a person's welfare. This type of therapy can include physical, mental, and emotional care. There are a great many art therapy schools in California which can prepare you for a career in this emerging and exciting field.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy Schools In CaliforniaAll forms of art can be used to remedy personal stresses, and the field of art therapy aims to promote increased consciousness and self-awareness. Furthermore, art therapy schools in California can train students to use their creativity to therapeutically improve the lives of others. Whether you are a sculptor, painter, musician, or culinary artist, your craft can better the lives of other people, and an education in art therapy can help you realize your potential in this niche.

Art therapists do not have to be exceptionally talented. Often times, effective art therapy comes from artists who are attuned to the emotional needs of their audience. Having a well-rounded understanding of the human condition and the ability to reach people on a personal level are essential characteristics of an art therapist. There are many art therapy schools in California which can not only teach you these abilities, but can help you discover your own dormant talents.


Before beginning your research into art therapy schools in California, it is important to make certain that art therapy is the career for you. While all artists have audiences, art therapists have a unique mission in that they create art not only as a means of self-expression, but as a means of helping and pleasing their audience.

Where Do Art Therapists Work?

Art therapists typically find themselves working in hospitals, jails, civic centers, and retirement homes. If you have an artistic flare and a strong desire to help people, then art therapy may be the perfect profession for you. Regardless of location, anyone aspiring to this career field should strongly consider the many excellent art schools in California.

Narrowing down your own personal list of the best art therapy schools in California is no small task. To do so, you must consider your personal and professional goals, and what you hope to achieve by attending art school.

A formal degree or education in art therapy is required in some states to become a licensed art therapist. As a professional, proper licensing and certification should be your top priority. There are plenty of good art therapy schools in California which will satisfy the educational requirements for professional licensing.

Another important consideration when evaluating art therapy schools in California is the specific type of art therapy program you are looking for. There are different types of art therapy programs. Some are tailored toward working with special needs children while others aim to improve the lives of the terminally ill. Determining which type of practice you may be interested in will help you decide which of the art therapy schools in California is right for you.

What Art Therapy School In California Is Right For You?

There are many great art therapy schools in California. Choosing the right one simply takes a little research and self-questioning. Deciding which types of people you want to work with can seem a little overwhelming, but rest assured that a career in art therapy can be extremely fulfilling. The wide variety of art therapy schools in California can provide the perfect platform for a long and prosperous career in the art world.

Among California's best art therapy schools are Loyola Marymount University, Phillips Graduate Institute, and Sonoma State University.  

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