Fashion Schools in California

If you are an aspiring fashion designer, you certainly owe it to yourself consider some of the outstanding fashion schools in California. Obviously, the west coast is home to perhaps the world’s largest fashion industry, and there is no shortage of educational or career opportunities.

Fashion Schools in CaliforniaThe ability to attend fashion schools in California, while being in the middle of the fashion universe, is a huge advantage throughout your educational stint as well as during the course of your professional career. Fashion school can be a tremendously enriching time of any aspiring artists life, as this kind of education provides practical skill while also expanding artistic capabilities and introducing students to various career prospects.

There are many excellent fashion schools in California which can provide all the benefits of a top quality education in fashion. In this article we will reveal our top picks for California fashion schools you should look into.

Top Fashion Schools in California – Art Institutes

The Art Institutes is one of the nation’s most well-known coalitions of art schools, and the organization includes several fashion schools in California. The Art Institutes is a highly established institution, having been in existence for nearly 50 years, and offering numerous degree programs in many fields of art. With a number of locations, including eight in California, the Art Institutes is one of the most convenient and widespread fashion schools in California.

Best Fashion Schools in California – Academy of Art University

Located in beautiful San Francisco, the Academy of Art University is home to one the oldest art schools in California. The Academy of Art was founded in 1929 and, since that time, has expanded its list of programs to include everything from animation to landscape architecture. Still, the school’s fashion curriculum is one of its core offerings, and the academy boasts many extensive resources both for students and recent graduates. Like other prestigious California fashion schools, the Academy of Art University proudly claims many famous and accomplished alumni, as well as an unparalleled list of notable faculty.

Top Fashion Schools in California –International Academy of Design & Technology

The International Academy of Design and Technology is another of many excellent fashion design schools in California. With locations in both Canada and the United States, IADT is a highly respected organization and is fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. IADT’s California branch is located in Sacramento, and boasts one of the best fashion schools in California. The International Academy of Design and Technology requires applicants to interview with faculty members prior to matriculation, so it is important to consider the reasons you are interested in fashion and IADT prior to your interview.

Best Fashion Schools in California – Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is one of the most unique fashion schools in California. FIDM offers an Associate of Arts degree in fashion merchandising, but also has the added benefit of offering a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The latter is an excellent program for students interested in fashion, since working in this industry requires in-depth understanding of many key business concepts. Like other top fashion schools in California, FIDM has several locations in the state, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Trying to choose from the many wonderful fashion schools in California may seem like an intimidating prospect. Although choosing the right fashion school is a big decision, it does not have to be stressful or difficult. Often times, simply calling advisors at fashion schools with your questions or concerns can be a great way to learn more about a specific institution. Perhaps an even better strategy is to visit several fashion schools in California, and try to schedule times to meet with academic advisors. Speaking with these faculty members can help you determine which school will suit you best and, more importantly, which will help launch your career in the world of fashion.

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