Music Schools in California

Music Schools in CaliforniaThere are dozens of excellent music schools in California, thanks in no small part to its distinction as one of the great music hubs of the world.

Although many aspiring musicians may think that a formal education has little use in their career, the fact is that the stellar music schools in California can provide a one of a kind experience and put your career on the fast track to success. Fortunately, there are many wonderful California music schools, each with unique characteristics and resources. Whether you have a passion for classical music or are a budding rock star, California is sure to have a music school which can jumpstart your career.

The Best Music Schools in California

Azusa Pacific University:  Located in the Los Angeles suburb of Azusa, Azusa Pacific University has over 100 years of experience in educating bright young students in the world of music. Azusa is widely regarded as one of the finest music schools in California, and even has a satellite campus in the heart of Los Angeles. Azusa is also an historically evangelical Christian university, and its core values are rooted in many fundamental Christian principles.

Biola University:  Another of the finest music schools in California is the Conservatory at Biola University. Located in La Mirada, Biola offers a wide variety of undergraduate music programs. As an accredited university, Biola is not only one of the best music schools in California, it also offers general education courses en route to completion of a Bachelor’s degree. The university offers programs ranging from Music Education to Composition to Religious Music, and is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

California Istitute of the Arts:  One of the most outstanding music schools in California is located at the California Institute of the Arts. Named for the legendary composer and trumpeter, the Herb Alpert School of Music is one of the most comprehensive and resource-rich California music schools. The California Institute of the Arts is located in the northern L.A. suburb of Valencia, and was the first school in the country to grant degrees specifically in the fields of performing art.

Tips For Narrowing Down Your Music Schools in California Search

There are many other excellent music schools in California to consider, each with their own advantages. In terms of choosing the best school for you, there are several things to keep in mind. First, think about exactly what type of education you are looking for. Different music schools in California offer unique programs, some of which may fit your goals better than others. In addition, it is wise to visit potential schools in person and speak with academic advisors. Each of the many art schools in California should employ a staff of advisors who can answer any questions you may have about the school, coursework, or campus life.

Once you have decided to attend one of the music schools in California, you must plan for your costs. An education is a significant investment, and you must carefully plan your financing options. Many music schools in California have financial aid officers who will gladly help you in the process of securing student loans and other financing.

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