Photography Schools in California

The West Coast is home to a number of stellar art schools, and there are dozens of excellent photography schools in California alone. If you have a passion for photography, and are intent on developing a career as a photographic artist, a top-notch education is undoubtedly your first important step.

Photography Schools in CaliforniaPhotography schools in California will not only educate you, they will help expand your interests and abilities as an aspiring photographer, and can endow you with many lifelong skills which are crucial in the industry. What’s more, many schools boast extensive alumni networks and career placement resources which can be of tremendous benefit in getting your career as a photographer off the ground.

Over the next few paragraphs you will learn about several photography schools in California that have received national recognition.

Best Photography Schools in California – Brooks Institute

The Brooks Institute is home to one of the finest photography schools in California. Brooks is a nationally recognized art institution, with locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura. Although they offer a number of various art programs, Brooks Institute was originally known as “The Brooks Institute of Photography,” hinting at its strong reputation and ties to the world of photography. The institute has been in operation for more than 50 years, and boasts a number of distinguished faculty and alumni. If you are considering a California photography school, Brooks Institute should certainly be one of your top choices.

Best Photography Schools in California – Academy of Art University

Another of the most respected photography schools in California, and indeed the world, is the Academy of Art University. The Academy of Art has been in operation since 1929, and is located in the wonderful city of San Francisco. This institution boasts a number of prestigious accreditations, including certification by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Among Academy of Art’s 18 majors is the stellar photography program, a course path which includes all the excellent resources expected of top-notch art schools. Like many other of the top photography schools in California, the Academy of Art University claims many notable alumni and current faculty members.

Best Photography Schools in California – Art Institutes

The Art Institutes is a nationwide consortium of terrific art schools, with a number of photography schools in California. Similar to other prestigious art schools, the Art Institutes has a long reputation for excellent academics which dates back to 1962. The Art Institutes has eight different locations in California alone, including major cities like San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento, among others. Any research into the best California photography schools should include thorough consideration of the Art Institutes.

Best Photography Schools in California – San Francisco Art Institute

The San Francisco Art Institute is one of the most prestigious photography schools in California, and as a whole is one of the most recognized art schools in world. The photography program at SFAI was founded in 1945 by legendary photographer Ansel Adams, and the program’s reputation has steadily grown ever since. There are tremendous academic and extracurricular resources at SFAI, since it is located in one of the most vivid and culturally rich cities in America. If you are looking for photography schools in California with unparalleled reputations, SFAI may be the school for you.

Choosing the right art school boils down to both your personal and professional goals. The best way to get more information and make a decision is to contact the art schools in California you are interested in, and discuss with them your aspirations both as a student and as a professional. Many photography schools in California are delighted to discuss their opportunities with prospective students.

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